Welcome to Fresh Horizons

Fresh Horizons is a Christian ministry designed to raise awareness of the value of people in life’s “second half” and to help inspire, educate and resource them for effective ministry, evangelism and community involvement.


Many in the second half of life have unique qualities that include acquired and proven skills, life experience, wisdom, time, finances, connections and spiritual maturity.

If this growing age group can be energized and mobilized, they will have a huge impact for God and for good in the church and the community.

Merryl Lynch statistics show that over 50% of Baby Boomers want to keep working in retirement. Some through necessity, some want to launch into a new business or career and others want to keep active in part time jobs that allow flexibility.

Fresh Horizons Ministry is keen to see the same trend happen with Christian Boomers through continued active participation in church.

This is the goal of Fresh Horizons and we invite you to join the journey with us.